ETIC Grozny 2014 Message Board


Hi all, I suggest to use this message board for finding other group members who

  • want to share a hotel room
  • want to share a cab for a particular sightseeing trip or local activity
  • want to share a cab for a long-distance trip (e.g. departure to Tbilisi or Krasnodar)

Example: "Hi. I'm XYZ from Austria (any other Austrians here?). I look for another male to share a hotel room. I'd be keen to go jogging  / visit the war memorial / take a dance lesson with someone else. I also look for others to share a cab on 12. Oct. going towards Krasnodar Krai, ideally all the way to Sochi. From there I will enter Abkhazia on 13. Oct. You can also email me directly: XYZ[at]gmail[dot]com "

Look forward to seeing you all soon, Kolja (organiser)